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Thank You to the Angels at St David's
When I think of St David's, I think of King David, the slayer of Goliath, the shepherd boy who would become the King of Israel, the father of Solomon, and a man that the Bible says was, “A man after God’s own heart”.
One of your medical technicians is an outstanding example of the important characteristics that I saw in all of those the help with my stay at St David's—the desire to help and care for the people without seeking glory. The bible says, "whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant." I saw all of those that entered by room as angels to help me get better. Each one of you brought their own special contribution to improve the outcome.
The giant Redwoods grow over 300 feet tall, but their roots only go down 6 to 10 feet deep in sandy soil. Their roots can go out miles, and are intertwined with the roots of other trees. They have a network of supporting roots. I see that you all are giants with a great network of knowledge and skills.
After being in the hospital at St David's receiving great care and help I feel that you all put the Saint, in St. David's.
A great culture has been created with the St David's Hospital System that brings together smart, talented, and dedicated people for great healthcare. Thank you for putting caring into healthcare!!